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It's time to thrive in purpose.

It's time to thrive in purpose.

Is burnout and chronic fatigue holding you back?

Grab our signature mini course, Burnout to Balance, dedicated to helping Black women of faith create the 3 key God-Centered, flexible, Burnout-Proof Routines you need for health & wellness success and serenity.

⛅️ A God-centered Morning Routine

↩️ An Afternoon Reset

⛺️ An Evening Sanctuary

about me

Sierra is a Faith-Based Health & Wellness Coach and founder of Melanin Well & Co. residing in Dallas, TX.

She helps Black women of faith all over the world unlearn diet culture’s LIES so they can THRIVE in purpose, make health & wellness second nature, and avoid burnout.

Over the past decade, through trial & God's gracious leading, she's helped thousands of women remove weight loss and thinness as idols and strengthen their relationship with God tenfold.

As a result, these beautiful women are bringing God's light and love at such a great capacity into varying industries all over the country, into their homes, and their communities.

The best part? They're doing this while also honoring God and their bodies first.

Take our quiz now and learn how to take your next step forward

Take the quiz and find out what the ONE thing is standing between you and sustainable wellness. When I tell you the results page is JAM-PACKED with resources. I mean JAM-PACKED!!!

Take the quiz now!

Take the quiz now!

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